#3 HerpesDatingCentral.com Review 

The website herpesdatingcentral.com is the place where you should be if you are looking for someone with STD who can share with you your experiences and emotions. It is the online community that helps you find people suffering from Herpes or HPV but looking for friendship, dating, love and much more. The site is free to join and has a number of registered profiles that you can explore.


Hmates.com is the right platform for you if you are looking to meet people sharing similar interests and medical history. It is absolutely free to join and has a number of features available to explore. The site runs on the donations being made by the people who have had benefitted from using it in the past.


The free to join site Hmates.com is good to use and has a user-friendly interface along with the following features:

  • This site is especially meant for people who suffer from Herpes or HPV
  • It is a free-to-join dating site and also has its own community for the people
  • There are thousands of users and you can browse through each and everyone’s profile
  • This website provides the opportunity to take dating as fun and also keeps things light
  • There is the facility of creating a list of contacts and friends whom you want to treat as special
  • The website accepts only quality photos and so that works advantageously for both the sides as in for you and for the one looking at you
  • The effective privacy setting can help you in restricting the information you want to reveal
  • The instant messaging service delivers you instant messages and this promotes quick and real-time conversations
  • You can also join a forum or a number of them and this can help you to get in touch with as many members as possible
  • You can send private messages and also receive them in your own personal inbox


The website stands out in providing a platform for people who are looking to meet others suffering from herpes and HPV. The ability to join and use the website free of cost helps the users to make it their preferred choice. The number of features and activities that the dating site promotes enables the members to make full use of the opportunity. The problem seen is with the fact that it is meant only for friendship, love, and support and dating. In case you are looking for long-term commitment and marriage then this dating site is not meant for you.